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About Neolife Yoga & Krupa Patel

Neolife Yoga was founded by Krupa Patel. She is the driving force behind successful operations and Head of Health Department.


Vision to spread Knowldge of Yoga to Entire World

Krupa Patel Believes in Helath Wellness Peace as core Values of Neolife Yoga

Neolife Yoga center is one of the top yoga center in Bangalore. Neolife was founded in January 2010, was formally established in August 2012. Neolife Currently has 4 branches , located strategically on IT corridor of HSR Layout, AECS Layout, Sarjapur ORR and maratahalli.

NEOLIFE is a modern health care center where the ancient science of yoga is combined with the modern science of the mind.
 At NEOLIFE we bring you the best of both worlds because your overall wellbeing matters to us above all else. Our goal is to bring about positive transformation by incorporating scientifically-approved practices that positively influence both the mind and the body, since the root cause of most of our problems are at a mental level. What makes us truly unique is that we adopt a holistic approach and work at physical, mental and emotional levels using yoga, workshops, healing techniques and many other ways.
 At NEOLIFE, we believe that you deserve a healthy, happy and successful life and our goal is to bring wellness to the world. So we have gone great lengths to create a perfect ambience for you to experience life as it is meant to be. ‘Calm’ and ‘joyous’ are just two of the words that describe the transformation of your mind, and indeed of your very life, that you will enjoy! Neolife is full of rich yoga culture & has always been committed to the dissemination of the most pure yoga culture, provide the most accurate for the majority of yoga enthusiasts to create the most professional practice and practitioners guidance, so that more people be able to experience and enjoy yoga & bringing harmony and health is our constant desire.

About Krupa Patel


Krupa Patel was initiated to the wonderful world of yoga at the tender age of five, and extraordinarily, by nine, she had become a certified yoga facilitator. Much later, after completing her Bachelor of Engineering degree in Computer Science, the calling for yoga returned, and she completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga Therapy (PGDYT) to learn about anatomical and mental changes that yoga can bring in those who practice it.

As Krupa experienced and witnessed the astounding healing power and positive energy to be gained by practicing yoga, her interest extended beyond asana and she went on to conduct extensive studies on and research into the power of the subconscious mind. This has enabled her to combine the concepts of East and West and offer a holistic and powerful tool for self-improvement, wellbeing and growth.


In addition to her mastery of yoga, Krupa has, at a very early age, also mastered Egyptian card reading, Reiki, tarot card reading, pendulum dousing, crystal healing, NLP and Feng Shui. She is also a certified nationalist from Australia. Today, with more than 12 years of experience under her belt, Krupa is a ‘life coach’ and has trained many people. Krupa writes regularly for Times of India and other regional Newspaper. She has also done TV program on Zee Kannada titled Health Yoga and various other programs on regional channels. Krupa’s goal is to bring wellness to the world and introduce people to their true powers, which, she believes, reside in each of us. 

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